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14 // 9 Ways to Overcome Depression & Revive Your Mental Health

Episode Summary

Living with depression, anxiety, or stress is hard, no matter what symptoms you are experiencing. Lack of motivation for life, check. Fatigue and insomnia, check. Bad eating habits (like eating way too much chocolate), check. Can't get yourself out of bed, check. Over the past few months, I really struggled with my mental health. I felt like I completely "fell off" the spiritual path, and took a hundred steps back on my personal growth journey. I thought I would never return to back to my higher self. But I did, and so can YOU. In this episode, I share my experience with depression and 9 practices that helped me balance my mental health (no medication, no therapy!). I chat about... - How I went from being in absolute peace during a silent meditation retreat, to slipping into a deep depression - My experience living with depression and extreme anxiety - 9 lifestyle changes that helped me overcome my depression - Why I believe its OK to be depressed

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