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15 // From Fitness Obsessed to Finding Mind-Body Balance, with Ayurvedic Coach Amanda

Episode Summary

"No pain, no gain". “No days off”. “I am SO sore... that must have been an awesome workout”. So many of us have fallen into the belief that the more we hit the gym, the more miles we run, the more calories we burn, the more we push our body, the better. YES, the mind and body are capable of extraordinary things...BUT rest and recovery is essential for actualizing all of our efforts. Ayurveda (known as the “sister science of yoga”), teaches us just how important it is to balance effort with rest, in order to keep our mind and our body thriving. If we don't allow ourselves to be still, serious symptoms can arise like anxiety, insomnia, endless thoughts, lack of focus, indecisiveness, headaches, muscle spasms, and overall fatigue of the mind and body. These are all signs of what Ayurveda would call a “Vata” imbalance. In this episode, I interview Amanda, an Ayurvedic Coach who helps people get fit and find balance using the principles of Ayurveda. We chat about... - How Amanda went from over exercising and extreme dieting to finding balance with Ayurveda - Vata imbalances that can occur from too much exercise - How each dosha relates to different forms of exercise - Ayurvedic diet versus modern nutritional diet - Subtle energies of foods (The Gunas) - Amanda’s go-to Ayurvedic recipes and self-care practices

Episode Notes

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