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17 // Women's Nutrition & Hormone Health, with Nimisha of MoonCycle Nutrition

Episode Summary

Every woman goes through a unique series of hormonal, physical, and emotional changes in her lifetime. Sometimes that includes wild mood swings, random weight gain, intense cravings for chocolate, and all of the lovely symptoms of PMS! Thankfully the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda provides a supportive framework for understanding the female body and offers many tools for restoring and maintaining balance. In this episode, I interview Nimisha, founder of MoonCycle Nutrition, certified holistic nutritionist, and Ayurvedic counselor focused on women’s health and fertility. We chat about… - Ayurvedic approach to regulating women’s hormones - Birth control, missed periods, and fertility - Foods to eat during your menstrual cycle - Aligning your diet with the seasons - Understanding food cravings - How to improve gut health and digestion - Rituals and daily practices for tuning into body wisdom

Episode Notes

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