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18 // How To Gain Clarity and Achieve What You Really Want, with Mindset Expert Daria Tsvenger

Episode Summary

Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you have a grand vision of what you want to bring into this world, but you are caught in self-limiting beliefs and paralysed by fear. Or, you have no idea what you actually want in life and you can’t stop asking the question, “what is my purpose?” The annoying thing with feeling stuck is that often times we don’t know what to do to get unstuck! We get trapped in a loop of uncertainty, confusion, and fear, all leading us to remain stuck. In order to break out of the “cycle of stuckness”, it’s essential that we plant thoughts which allow us to reclaim our power and see new possibilities beyond our limitations. Claim and consciously use your power! In this episode, I interview mindset expert Daria Tsvenger, who studied Cognitive Neuroscience at Stanford University, and had a chance to learn from top experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, and more. We chat about... - Why we get stuck and how to get unstuck - Using envy, fear, and self-comparison to get clear on what you really want - How to convince your mind that you can achieve your dream - Using fear to initiate self-growth and self-discovery - Daria's mindset program “The Dream Sprint”, based on neuroscience

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