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19 // Ayurvedic Nutrition: Digestion, Subtle Energies of Foods, Six Tastes (Part 1)

Episode Summary

The Ayurvedic diet isn’t just another short lived, fad diet. It’s quite the opposite, as this approach to nutrition has been around for more than 5,000 years, rooting in Ancient India. Different from many diets out there, NO food is “off limits” in Ayurveda. Instead, the focus is on bringing balance and harmony to the mind and body, and selecting foods that are right for YOU. The Ayurvedic approach to nutrition is based upon eating foods related to the dosha (energy) that is causing an imbalance in your mind and body. We can notice if we have an imbalance in our body through different physical sensations related to our digestion, energy levels, and more. By tuning into our body’s wisdom, we can understand which foods are best to consume for optimal health, and which foods to avoid until we are balanced again. In this episode, I chat about the fundamentals of Ayurvedic nutrition, including… - What is Ayurveda? - What matters most in the Ayurvedic diet - The 5 elements - The 3 doshas - Digestive health (agni) - Ama (toxins that accumulate in the body from undigested food and emotions) - The 3 Gunas (subtle qualities of food) - The 6 Rasas (tastes of the Ayurvedic diet) Make sure to give this one a listen, and stay tuned for the next episode where I chat about the specific food recommendations for each of the doshas.

Episode Notes

// Dosha Quiz

// Agni (Digestion) Assessment

// Ama Assessment

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