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20 // Ayurvedic Diet: How to Eat for Your Mind-Body Type

Episode Summary

Stop dieting – eat to bring balance to your mind and body. So many of us are searching for the next diet to try, or eliminating certain foods because the media or an influencer on Instagram told us to. We are looking OUTSIDE of ourselves for direction on how to feed and nourish our body, when we should be turning inward – our body holds all of the wisdom and guidance we need. Ayurveda focuses on eating foods that bring balance to your unique mind body type. The body gives us cues for which foods it needs more of and which foods to avoid, through our digestion, elimination, tongue coating, energy levels, and cravings. These signs help us understand if we are in a balanced state, or an imbalanced state. In this episode, I share the Ayurvedic approach to nutrition, focusing on bringing balance to each of the mind-body types (“doshas”). This approach helped me quit dieting all together, and alleviated so much of my eating disorder tendencies. I chat about... - The 3 "mind-body types" in Ayurveda – Vata, Pitta, Kapha - How to listen to your body’s wisdom for signs of imbalances - Recommended foods for each of the mind-body types (and which foods to avoid)

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