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21 // Cleanse Your Energy by Releasing Energy Cords, with Spiritual Coach Emily Jean

Episode Summary

Everything is made up of energy, including you and me. The more tuned in you are with energy, the more you will be able to pick up on other people’s energy and how it affects your energy. If we hold onto someone else’s energy, we may start to experience their emotions ourselves. We can pick up on another’s energy because we are all connected, by what are called “energy cords”. Energy cords are emotional strands of energy that form regardless of time or space. They form with every person you connect with, and still exist even when you are separated. These cords can potentially become toxic depending on the relationship or the attachment. (This is why it can be SO hard to get over an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.) In the latest episode of the Body of Soul podcast, I interview Emily Jean, a Law of Attraction and Spiritual Coach. We chat about… - What “energy cords” are - How energy cords form, between people, places, things - Signs that we need to cut off energy cords - The benefits of regularly cleansing your energy - Simple energy clearing practices to cut energy cords

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