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22 // Follow Your Intuition & Create Your Reality, with Katerina Levanttar, Creator of The Butterfly House

Episode Summary

Are you living the life you actually want for yourself? Are you living the life of YOUR conscious choosing, or are you following the path you were told to walk down? In this episode, I interview Katerina Levanttar, a woman who shed the expectations of society and awakened to her soul, embarking on the most exciting journey into the unknown. She spent over a decade working in the financial industry in NYC, following the path of the “American Dream”. She fell into the same belief, like many of us do, that following a traditional career path which guarantees a high salary, big bonuses, and financial security will bring satisfaction and a joyous life. But 10-12 hour workdays, sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen all day long, was far from joyous. Instead, it drained not only her energy, but her creativity and inspiration. Working such long hours never really gave her any time to THINK or IMAGINE what she actually wanted her life to be. Finally, Katerina reached a point where she “woke up from the sleepwalking”. After questioning everything in her life – how she was spending her time, what thoughts were swirling in her mind, what beliefs she held, what she was eating, why she was working her job – she decided to take a bold leap into the unknown. She released all of those false expectations and promises society gives us for living a “good life” and instead, she set out to create the life of her dreams. Today, Katerina’s life looks completely different from the life she was once living in NYC. She now lives in Oaxaca City in Mexico, and is a sound healer, meditation teacher, and a guide for other people’s spiritual awakenings. She is also the founder and creator of The Butterfly House – a healing home for people to take a break from the outer world, and just turn inward, reconnect with themselves, and just be. In this episode, we chat about… - Shifting from doing to BEING - Shedding society’s expectations and reprogramming your mind - Creating your reality - Quieting the mind and listening to the heart - Getting in touch with your intuition - Practicing self-inquiry, mindfulness, and gratitude

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