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23 // Holistic Healing for the Thyroid & Connecting with Spirit Guides, with Fern Olivia – Creator of Thyroid Yoga

Episode Summary

Fern Olivia is a radiant goddess guiding all those who feel drawn to her work to live a life of freedom, confidence, and radiance. She has created a unique approach to supporting thyroid health in her method, Thyroid Yoga. Fern weaves together experiences inspired from over 10 years of study in Kundalini Yoga and breath practices, intuitive healing, Reiki, Akashic Records readings, Integrative Nutrition and Naad, the science of sound. She offers trainings and personal retreats in her amazing jungle tree house retreat center in Nosara, Costa Rica. In this episode, we chat about… - How Fern went from working in Finance in NYC, to building a thriving wellness business - Fern’s health struggles with Hashimoto’s - Thyroid yoga - Nutrition to improve thyroid health - Connecting with your spirit guides - and more!

Episode Notes

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