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24 // (Part 1) Leaving the "Dream" Career in Fashion, to Becoming a Reiki Master and Breathwork Leader, with Susan Oubari, Founder of Breathe in Paris

Episode Summary

Have you ever dreamt of working in fashion? Or maybe you watched Project Runway and the Devil Wear’s Prada one too many times. There is no doubt there is an allure and glamour of the fashion industry. But is it really all that it seems? In this episode, I interview Susan Oubari, who is a breathwork teacher, reiki master, and creator of Breathe in Paris. Before discovering these powerful energy practices, Susan spent 27 years working in the fashion industry, at publications including Italian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and collaborated with big names such as Nordstrom, Stella McCartney, Peter Lindbergh, Fashion TV, and Spike Lee. She’s lived in Milan, Casablanca, Paris, and Vancouver, eventually settling in Paris. From the outside, she seemed to be living the fabulous life people dream of. But in reality, Susan felt trapped, distressed, and deeply disconnected from her inner self. In today’s episode, Susan shares her captivating quest for living a more authentic life.

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