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04 // 11 Spiritual Lessons About the Mind-Body Connection

Episode Summary

One month ago, I sprained my foot tripping down the stairs in my apartment (the very LAST step, of course!) For someone who is constantly moving, whether it be walking around SF, hitting the gym 5-6x per week, practicing yoga, going to ecstatic dance, etc., not being able to physically walk felt incredibly paralyzing. Instead of sitting in my apartment and sulking about my "inconvenient" (yet temporary) circumstance, I decided to relish in the divine opportunity to really sit with myself and to focus on training my MIND. However, I had no idea being injured would make me feel like I was tripping on a psychedelic…unlocking new doors of consciousness and getting incredibly attuned with the connection between mind and body. In this episode, I share 11 spiritual lessons I learned about the mind-body connection through being injured. I chat about… - Feeling like I was on a psychedelic while being injured (although I was completely sober) - How I used meditation and visualization to rapidly heal my foot - 11 Spiritual lessons learned about the mind-body connection - Understanding the power of the mind to heal your body and manifest your reality

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