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07 // How Death Brings Light to the Soul & Living Your Purpose, with Alana Lima

Episode Summary

Death is a topic many of don't talk about. How could we not share our voice on something that is inevitably going to happen to every single one of us? Every emotion felt after the death of a loved one is an emotion that deserves to be voiced and shared. Death is not only a transition for the one passing, but also a transition for the one experiencing the loss. There is a divine opportunity to gain strength, appreciation for human life, appreciation for this sacred body, and realizing the temporary illusion we are taking part in. In this episode, I chat with Alana Lima, a holistic health coach, who is on a mission to empower people to feel confident in their own health journeys. We chat about... - Finding your soul’s purpose through dark times - Death, the eternal self, and connecting with loved ones who have passed - Living in a reality that is aligned with your highest self - Plant based diet for healing mind, body, soul - Intuitive and emotional eating - Daily practices for turning inward

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