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10 // My Ayahuasca Journey: Ancestral Trauma and Integrating Spiritual Experiences (Part 2)

Episode Summary

The weekend after quitting my job, I went on a journey with the sacred plant medicine, Ayahuasca. Going into ceremony, I was a bit fearful to potentially face my darkest shadows, dig through deep family trauma and old wounds, and possibly dissolve my ego even more. But this spiritual, psychedelic experience was totally different. It was incredibly healing, and provided so much insight into why I had experienced such painful emotions upon leaving my job. In this episode of the Body of Soul podcast, I chat about… - What is Ayahuasca and what "goes down" in ceremony - My Ayahuasca journey - How Ayahuasca is NOT the answer to solving all of your human "problems" - How parental and ancestral relationships affect our experience - Pain during the spiritual descent and the integration process within the physical realm - Why YOU can help your parents heal, and how you can support their journey

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