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11 // Past Lives and Infinite Universes, with Quantum Healing Hypnotist Angie Sanchez

Episode Summary

Time and space are constructs created by us humans. So if time and space don’t actually exist, how many variations to this existence are there really? Is your higher self accessing many different bodies, other from the one you are familiar with in the physical world? Are you living infinite lives in different dimensions all at once? In this episode of the Body of Soul podcast, I chat with Quantum Healing Hypnotist, Angie Sanchez, about past/parallel lives, the Quantum Field, and the illusions of time and space. We chat about… - Angie’s spiritual journey from being a Nun, a Priestess, to now a Quantum Healing Hypnotist - What is Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing? - Past/parallel lives and our human experience as we know it - The illusions of time and space - How to connect with your other lives and spirit guides

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