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09 // Quitting My Job and Drinking Ayahuasca (Part 1)

Episode Summary

Are you thinking about leaving your job and living life on your OWN terms? Are you craving work that feels aligned with your SOUL and personal mission? Are you fearful of what the Soul is capable of creating in this human experience? After receiving many messages from the Universe, and finally receiving a big shove, I decided to leave my job at a fast growing, Silicon Valley tech startup. I listened to my inner voice and freed myself from the golden handcuffs of free food, money, and stock options. Once I took the leap, I was expecting immediate relief and self-confirmation that I made the right decision. But I was unexpectedly met with a flurry of emotions and deep rooted trauma that came bubbling up to the surface of my conscious mind… So, was leaving my job and money behind the right move? In this episode of the Body of Soul podcast, I chat about… - Dealing with my “spiritual awakening” while working at a Silicon Valley tech startup - Receiving messages from the Universe and listening to my inner voice, telling me that I was misaligned with my Soul’s true purpose - How I landed a job offer before actually leaving my job - Staying committed to embodying truth vs. staying for money - Allll the emotions (and my slight ego death) after quitting my job - Re-learning how to LIVE and BE - Surrendering and trusting divine timing of the Universe And stay tuned for the NEXT episode where I share my Ayahuasca experience the weekend following the departure from my job. Such an unexpected (and beautiful) journey that I cannot wait to share!

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